Client name :Mr. Akshay Waikar.

Project types:Commercial

Location:Wadgaon Maval

Client basic requirement :Reception desk, Waiting area, Director cabin

This project design for ABW properties developer office is located in vadagaon maval. As per client requirement we done space planning very nice .we have given reception desk to entry area and place the waiting couch in front of reception desk. we have mounted company logo and name plate in acrylic creative panel with light effects back to reception desk . Waiting area and director cabin in between we have plan sliding door wooden and glass partition .when we enter the director cabin ā€˜Lā€™ shaped director table applied with white and black brown laminate color combination .above the director back wall we have provided cabinet to keep there some official documents. Beside cabinet we have design open niche to keep there artifacts we have provided square shaped gypsum ceiling with indirect light effects and drop the hanging light between ceiling. we have applied creative design wallpaper to front wall In cabin. Overall color combination, laminate selection and light effects are very well .